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Profile dark jujube Rhamnaceae

 Dark jujube plants as woody shrubs or trees often barbed and rarely are gramineous. Between them with a variety of climbing stems can also be found. Total includes 50 genera and 600 species in Europe have more and grow in tropical areas. Assigning them is simple leaves, often intermittent and regular flowers, Nrmadh or two types of male and female, poly step - or a bipod and base have a calyx composed of four of them into (early fall) and they include corolla 4 or 5 petals (rarely lacking petals) is. Flags These are generally the number of parts corolla and ovary or free them more or less connected to the calyx and often the house is three, different forms dried fruit, they thrive or flourish, or non-fleshy and a shaft containing a or multi-grain is.

Large number of plants because of having Ntra Kynvnyk glucoside, with drug use are important. Often they have a secretory apparatus and gum are Mvsylazh materials from single cells or complex and wide and provide or find bags of secretory cells and bags in the skin and brain stem, in the parenchyma around the vascular bundles and the petiole nervure and also on the outside of fruits can be seen. A lot of skin, dark Ramnus plants, the glucoside compounds, including the ability to produce the hemi Amvdyn Emodine (Emodol) has had the cathartic effect to them is existence of these materials. Glucoside addition to generating color material also has been achieved . This comment should be said that this plant material can be hydrolyzed and productive Glvkvzydhay Ntrakynvnyk Ramnatykvzyd rhamnarticoside name and also a substance with another chemical compound glucoside in the name of the generator Ramnykvzyd rhamnicoside dye is to be found. Several pharmaceutical samples in the dark, there are a number of different areas of our country Myrvynd. Medicinal value of various important because they possess Glvkvzydhay Ntrakynvnyk anthraquinonique that have the effect of laxatives and Yamlyn. Among their examples with edible fruits, such as jujube Zizyphus jujube or types of medication such as Ziziphus.spina-christi and a variety of beautiful ornamental can also be found (6).


Jujube and books in Persian and Persian traditional medicine with different names jujube, Tbrkhvn, Shylanh, Sylanh, Shylank and Gilan (with her navel), Lmh hazel, hazel jujube, apple, mountain, sea-buckthorn Jylan known.

French fruit and tree Jujube it and it Jujubier English Jujube tree and say chinese date.
Is a plant family Rhamnaceae

Scientific name Zizyphus jujube mill

Zizyphus vulgaris lam synonyms and Rhamnus zizyphus l. And Zizyphus sativa Gaert is.

 Two varieties are species Z.vulgaris Drray Bashdyky Z.vulgaris lam V.inermis Bge other Z.vulgaris lam.var spinosus Bge. (8 and 9)
Botanical Profile:

Jujube tree is short, its height from 2 to 8 meters to 12 meters, which sometimes looks and is very resistant to drought. Variety of it prickly and variety it is no blade. It leaves a beautiful, small, B Kirk, transparent, and alternately on both sides of the branches, toothed, three Rgbr G is so both sides of each petiole on each stem, thorns shaped appendage that going strong and sharp, the wood and permanently on the branches remain. Small flowers with short Dmgl green to yellow in color and complex as those along the leaves are small, with five tiny petals, and five separate flag and a carpel has two pistil.
Jujube fruit, which he called a shaft to reddish color, transparent (the arrival) to a large olive and smell the food is poor and slightly sweet glaze and Tmsh and the press. Wild and prickly fruit varieties it is very sour and astringent and a little fruit without blade Qayz tame and sour, but in both cases the same drug is used. 40 Azjns type diploid Zizyphus there and has all 24 chromosomes are.
Uneven skin jujube tree trunk, stick tight and it is brown. Young branches in the first dark green Hstndv later turn into dark red. Jujube fruit core is hard Vastkhvany. Dried jujube fruit, dates, Chinese (chinese date), also known as. Young tree is red to yellow, in spring and summer with the colored leaves that are bright green, especially when the fruit reaches its landscape is very beautiful. (9 and 6 and 1)
Chemical composition of jujube
Jujube has many glazes and 5% protein and 4% sugar and lots of vitamin c and minerals in the core jujube is no alkaloid. Oleic acid, which has oil and linoleic acid, and acid Palmtyk is Fytvstrvl.
In another report states that each 100 grams of raw edible parts of jujube fruit about 69 mg vitamin c exists. Aqueous extract of wood it has a crystalline substance called Zyzyfyk acid (ac. Zizyphiqe) Wake called tannin acid Zyzyfvtanyk ac.zizyphotanniqur)) is. The tannin in jujube fruit is also specified. Jujube has plenty Mvsylazh, Malic acid and citric acid is. (6 and 9 and 5)

 Medicinal properties jujube
Jujube plant as a medicinal and nutritional properties of fresh and dried as above is used. Object-century Chinese junk scientist Sixteen deaths mentioned in the book of herbal medicines that have jujube drug use in 2000 years ago in East Asia and fruits, seeds, leaves, bark and roots for the treatment of diseases, including fever reduction by using is.
India: jujube fruit as a glaze with drug and chest and bleeding softener is used for blood treatment and are prescribed to help indigestion. Jujube boiled roots used to reduce fever, round roots are dried and wound it on an old injuries coming, is part of healing. Drug jujube skin is cut diarrhea.
Drkrh: the core and as a hypnotic drug used.
China: the jujube fruit's brain and it is drug use and leaves, bark, wood Vryshh also sometimes used. Jujube in this country as antidote in cases of poisoning resulting Akvnyt and Zhansyana (both plants are very poisonous) is used (4).

Jujube flavor of drugs can reduce driving. With this explanation at any time of medicinal plants that need to eat better Zhansyana Akvnyt and that combined with jujube be eaten because of toxic effects and stimulate them, even in the limit reduces the amount of consumption and causes of these two drugs useful No risk is reflected in the body.
Jujube as ataractic nerves and general tonic, nourishing the stomach sedative, laxative, diuretic and cough it de employed. From insomnia and sleeping between takes is. Night sweats breaks and for general weakness and general weakness and severe fatigue is very lucrative. From leaf, root and jujube skin for cutting some types of fever, accelerated hair growth and providing the liquid used to wash eyes .

Jujube filter blood and blood producing competent, which means drugs are making blood. Inflammation, thirst, blood acuity, pain, kidney, liver and bladder relieves. Rub it alone or with inflammation and swelling of the nucleus relieves hot eye. Drinking water to wet it or its tail mixed with sweat or chicory Sknjbyn Tshyn acuity for bile and blood is useful. Jujube fruit to feed the amount of fifty integer.
Boiling mixture of jujube, fig, dates and raisins as a useful drug for the treatment of chest diseases, medicine, practice is to use the Commons.

Jujube use any stimulation device does not digest this in order for those who have sensitive digestive system is appropriate. Jujube immature and tasteless and dry and green glaze with and comestible is not as heavy and very slow digestion so order because it had not used that before. In addition to the material properties of coolness in the jujube Apr sputum and to treat cough is traditionally consumed. In treating liver disease, breast, bladder, and elimination of inflammation is beneficial. Jujube tea the mucus excreted and for chest pain and throat irritation is useful. Hoarseness to destroy, to clear the blood and lungs and is useful for back pain.
If you eat too much and slow digestion, and correcting the currant and sugar 0.10, 15 jujube seed, dry or fresh food for a few days is sufficient treatment. For the treatment of blood cholesterol, dried jujube pressing a wet night in cold water to eat and fasting morning to wash and eat it all useful. Jujube leaf Shvyndgy property has little if fresh leaves are crushed in the palms of hands with water to produce foam instead of soap and it can be used. Jujube with core Saynd, dust obtained to treat intestinal ulcers. Broken branches from jujube or leave that to cause the body to find a gum tree sap is secreted along the gum with a little vinegar to strengthen the public body is useful. Jujube wood with plenty of tannin and is astringent effect This is useful in treating diarrhea.
- Jujube glaze due to breast softener is great.
- If it is a laxative with water and milk Bjvshanym better.
- The urine is high.
- Sab jujube is quieter.
- The blood clean.
- Is a cough.
- Jujube tea skin is anti-diarrheal medication.
- Asthma and to relieve shortness of breath.
- Hair growth to increase.
- For the swelling on the side eye to eye jujube apply.
- To strengthen memory.
- When you feel sad and cry, you have a cup of jujube tail smile to your lips brings.
- For treating cancer with water jujube eat lettuce.
- And finally boiled leaves of jujube for elimination of bleeding gums and sore throat gargle, and if they applied it to apply to relieve joint pain. (And a 6 and 9)
Jujube juice:
Jujube reached fresh and dried form is usable. It also make jujube juice that is used in medicine. 800 grams of dried jujube in 4 liters of water to cook Jvshannd jujube then crushed them to clear liquid obtained and 3 kg of sugar in it and again puts little Jvshannd, jujube juice is obtained. When needed half a glass of juice in a glass of cold water to dissolve and medicinal properties jujube Shamnd all the syrup is available.
Jujube tea preparation:
Ten seeds of dried fruits and break them with a soup spoon to gorge Jvshannd coriander seeds, then the tail to the time it will smooth the liquid obtained as a glass that is more typical red adding a little sugar . Syrup, tasty and pleasant result is that fever is to relieve thirst and discomfort is to remove gallstones. Consumption three times a week and usually it is enough or fasting (between meals) Shamnd evening.
Jujube juice boiled and those foods like garlic, onions, dates, fries, spicy foods high in oil and have more use of natural medicine, good and effective in the past due to lack of boiled pulp tranquilizers jujube drying have along with the poppy (opium club) and a little tea, dried pulp instead of tobacco in hookah smoke to relieve toothache and they used it.
Boiled roots of woodwork to remove excessive sense of satiety and help the digestive and if you eat meat cooked with soup or soup and eat it to increase milk and cut out Ahlat'm coughing blood from the lung is beneficial.
Tea bush jujube itching and pimples on the skin to remove. Young branches with small leaves fresh or dry Bjvshannd it gradually and drink water, skin rash side property will be resolved, but the sense of taste and destroys, Perez taste of the working pockets and tastes impossible to detect but it is temporary and gradually the first time is on.
Jujube tea:
14 jujube seed, taken Jvpvst 5 / 2 hot water enough.
The jujube crushed and mixed with barley and Bjvshannd must be blown up so much water must be boiling hot in 1500 after the bubble to come and settle and leave it smooth with a deviation within are back in a severe fever drink cup.
Another type of jujube tea:
15 jujube seed, Spstan 15 seed, seed hollyhock 4 grams, 7 grams of violet flower, lily flower number from 3 to 5, Prsya Vshan 5 grams, 3 grams spent half fennel seed and 5 / 2 grams.
These medications at night soaked in water and leave to cool Jvshanydh morning after tepid smooth adding a little brown sugar gradually and soft drink to relieve cough and chest Ahlat is very lucrative.

Have wet jujube:
20 jujube seed, currant seed from 30 seed, seed S·hpstan 30 branches and over 7 grams of floral violets.
Components above half a liter of water, soaked overnight and the morning after the smooth brick milk 50 grams and 50 grams of manna to add it to a good solution and then smooth with a little rose water and sweat musk willow tend to mix. (6 and 9 and 1)

Narratives about jujube properties:
Imam Ali (PBUH): jujube fever destroys
 Imam Sadeq (PBUH): superiority over other fruits, such as jujube our superiority over other people.
Christ Scientist Arab: jujube that in asthma treatment and slightly improves memory.

** Jujube plant geographical distribution in the world

Jujube in traditional medicine:
Jujube fresh nature of the moderate vote Hkmay traditional medicine in heating and cooling and would like to moisture and, according to Sheikh Alryys Avicenna is a little cold and dry in terms of moisture is moderate. About the properties that a jujube factor softener laxative and chest and one of four fruit is pectoral (jujube, fig, currant, dates) (1)

Jujube disadvantages:
Jujube disadvantage is that cold in the stomach to create flatulence and to correct it must eat sugar and currant also reduces the secretion of sperm and sexual power down to avoid this complication to be mixed with jujube stimulant drugs such as eat honey. jujube leaves in the mouth if Jvydh be a few minutes can cause numbness taste and flavor is not understood. (6 and 1)

Different species of Zizyphus

1 - Zizyphus jujube
Common jujube tree which it is grown in Asia and Africa. Blndysh middle and for the preparation of the fruit are cultivated.
2 - Z.lotus This tree grows in Africa and jujube slightly smaller than normal.
3-Z.mistol tree that is seen in Argentina.
4 - Z.joazeiro jujube is native land of Brazil.
5-Z.sativa jujube tree to 8 m high that is to produce more wood is grown. Its fruit is used in food and pharmaceutical. Pyrene as a hard core of the olive fruit jam and compote same properties that make the syrup has boiled.
6 - Z.calophylla homeland this tree is Malaysia.
7-Z.spina - Christi more southern parts of Iran from the Iranian city of Khuzestan, Kerman, Bandar Abbas and Khorramabad go. Its edible fruit, as hawthorn, and sweet orange flavor is. Over the top show the leaf is pulverized and south along the tree is known.
8-Z.cyaneus leaves are shiny and dark blue flowers, garlic, red or white and has clusters liliaceous.
9-Z.island myrtle other species that shaped leaves of jujube gray green velvet leaves and the lower part is white. Types of hybrid plant is very beautiful, sometimes known.
10-Z.nummularia valley in Persian it is called, for eggs and sharp leaves and its fruit is a stomach tonic and appetizer (9 and 6 and 1)

Identify varieties of jujube:
Identified in connection with jujube varieties inside and outside the country or G Zbady research has been done and often published articles and books in connection with the jujube plant characteristics in cognitive therapy and medicinal properties of this plant is.

Bal (1992) study of over 10 years in the horticulture sector agricultural university in India to identify key varieties alongside Mauritania Z.mauritiana jujube family that has prepared him among the features of growing, the leaf tip to the most reliable features for class Figures Zkrkrd scheme. Among the 24 cultivars studied semi-sharp figure to figure with a sharp tip and 18 were non-sharp. Used to post another branch close to the appropriate factors. 21 cultivars with broad branches week and 21 week figure with vertical branches have been grouped. Then leaf shape, leaf base, leaf color and leaf tail length was important in the third degree. Varieties of fruits from the 4 groups including: fruits with the tip of a fully featured, with a tip about a prominent fruit, fruit and fruit with a round tip with the tip depressed groups.

Kumar (1995): about 42 varieties of leaf species along Mauritania Z.mauritiana enzyme studies done in this study it was found that about 15 varieties peroxidase, amylase about 18 varieties and 18 varieties in phosphatase, an enzyme phenotypes are determined. With the help of various enzyme tests of 42 varieties, 40 varieties were identified.

Constant (1353): Cognitive characteristics and distribution of jujube plant in Iran to express. Jujube tree native to Mediterranean and temperate Asia, in Iran in the Caspian Sea, the Nile mountain range in Minoo Dasht, Kurdistan, Sardasht, Lorestan, Bakhtiari, Alamut state car and going in some areas, such as Hamadan, Mashhad, Babylon and other parts is grown.
Zargari (1371): introduced in cognitive characteristics and specifications jujube plants, chemical compounds it holds as follows.
Jujube with sugar glaze and a lot different, 72 / 2 to 43 / 6 percent protein, high mineral and vitamin c is
Mir Heydar (1375): comprehensive information about the cognitive characteristics of plants, chemical compounds, pharmaceutical properties and therapeutic application is submitted to jujube.
Omid-Beigi (1376): introduced plants jujube looks dark matter effective medicinal plants belonging to these families are Ntraglykvzydy Mnvz sugar in fruit this Gyaha N exists.

Distribution areas:
 Jujube is native to tropical regions. In North Africa, southern Europe, the Mediterranean and temperate Asia grows. This plant is native to southern Asia, eastern, middle and the Caucasus that few thousand years ago in countries such as China, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran and is cultivated around the Mediterranean countries, including Syria, Italy, France, Spain, then North African countries has been moved.
In 1873, Julian moved to America from southern France and the United of America today often is grown as ornamental. Jujube plants native to the Iranian plateau is largely in the province of Khorasan, Golestan, Mazandaran, Fars, Isfahan, Yazd, Hamedan, Qazvin, Qom and there. In 1374, the amount of 140 tons of jujube fruit abroad has been issued.
Jujube mode half-grown cars and northern Iran, Gorgan, Gilan, Khorasan, Kashmar, nimble Abad, Baluchistan, Kerman and Bandar Abbas in the heights of 2000 meters, and around Shiraz, Sistan Vzabl go.

Profile jujube in the distribution areas:
1 - Isfahan: in most areas of the province jujube more or less count most in the foothills between Nain and Isfahan as Hmrh with jujube fruit orchards to the large number of agricultural lands Yadr margin there, the gardens of fruit Returns seedling production and farmers income is the place. Village returning functions in the western part of Isfahan province Reza time there was a lot of jujube fruit harvest, which was a lot Nhamqdar. Village Kchvmsqal Ardestan functions as part of the eastern province on the sidelines of a large number of jujube orchards, agricultural land and along the Judd home and yard were observed while single jujube trees in cities and villages including the town of Reza, Kashan, Niasar, Ardestan, Nain Natanz homes and gardens in the yard there.
2 - Khorasan: Most jujube cultivation in Iran is in the city of Birjand. Most jujube orchards on the outskirts of the city or the East side of G to the Afghan border also continues. The region's gardens, a jujube is observed that most of the villagers came to depend on jujube. Examples of jujube in other areas such as Mashhad, Khorasan Province, Cain, Bojnourd count is also in the province in the village Nabstan juice Sabzevar city functions with height 1400 m above sea level the climate is mild and dry.
3 - Fars: The most common jujube cultivation in the region in Fars province, called Arjan Dvsyran near the area and Kazerun with semi-arid climate is temperate and mountainous. Land area with steep slopes and high soil as shallow and rocky garden, including fig, walnut and pomegranate is. A lot of fruits from the region and abroad are exported. Pajvsh of jujube among abundant gardens can be found. In this area before and after the opening of flowers blooming at the same time begin to form fruit spraying is done and therefore the efficiency of jujube trees are good.
4 - Qazvin: jujube main distribution site in the province, Pharmaceutical Research Station is Alamut. Jujube round base station has been planted. By some of Qom, and some native trees in the area is provided. Jujube base form dense shrubs can be seen that the number of frequency are Pajvsh.
5 - Qom province: in most parts of the province jujube is observed that most of its rural sector and government Jafar Abad Abad, crows and Kmchnar is predominantly, in the province jujube trees around farms and Baghhabh is abundant.
Sometimes that just because Pajvshhayy within farm site undesirable cerebri bring with them to fight. Most of these trees due to being on the border gardens and agricultural fields treated as pruning and irrigation are however plenty of fruit, however, must produce fine addition Qahan sectors, and the city of Qom Khljstan a single jujube tree Yagrvhy in the garden, yard, garden and home there.
6 - Golestan province: in various regions of the province jujube has been reported in patients and visitors on the outskirts of the city wide mass jujube stigma was seen as a vehicle of this mass distribution and extent of vehicle being in a unique and currently as the only natural cache in jujube is raised.
7 - Lorestan province: the main distribution area of this species in Lorestan province, region Bznvyd functions Aligoodarz city is a mass Aznab where there is a lot of the fruit is harvested. While single jujube courtyard houses in cities Aligoodarz, Azna, Doroud and Boroujerd there often must produce good fruit.
8 - province: climate and ecology of this province is suitable for the development of jujube trees and more than 30 to 40 years old were seen in areas of the province's major distribution areas around the village of jujube Sari position in which several large and old jujube with a height of more than 8 meters and more than 100 years of life there is a lot of fruit trees produce fruit must however be tiny in size from other mass streams in the area of jujube trees, even on a sand beach are single-establishment jujube Behshahr and Sari near there.
9 - Central Province: jujube single more or less in all parts of the province's cities and villages, including Stagecoach, neighborhoods, Khomeini, Arak, and Tafresh Payhhayy Saveh are scattered in the gardens and farms in border areas or residential houses above was observed from these trees produce fruit Pajvsh week had a different situation.
10 - province: The province and regional habitat jujube no Darstan Tuyserkan city in a garden base jujube Views Of course, this collection of trees from other areas of medicinal plants have been transferred. In cities and villages Malayer, Skinheads, and Hamedan Tuyserkan single jujube courtyard houses there that are very good week Malayer fruit.
11 - Yazd Province: This province, one jujube in most towns and villages of Yazd, Mehriz, Taft, gets, duck, Drbagh fruit and courtyard homes, there are often other areas had been transferred. (7 and 6 and 1)
Jujube performance:
Jujube largest area under cultivation is in Birjand in 1367 was about 85 acres and currently functions jujube about 6000 kilograms per hectare is.
Jujube plant reproduction methods:
To increase the plant There are 4 ways
1 - Move Pajvshha: The most common and fastest way to reproduce it using Pajvsh that will also grow faster. With Pajvsh in the early or late fall depending on the different climates can be planting. In addition to Pajvsh that go along with jujube tree in search of water retiform Dvand many roots and sprouts from the root surface that go and come out of the ground in the first year of a bequest to the right and its smooth straight to fall at the end of the second year that the tree relative growth has cut the roots with the mother tree seedling with roots from the earth and bring out elsewhere in the pit that is already prepared to Nshannd soil cultivation is significant if Hvmvs tree growth will be more each year, a large tree (tree mother) has dozens Pajvsh removable.
From jujube can be in the second half of March was cutting branches from cuttings should be a year younger. Land for the Treasury are working on select, deep plowing (30 cm) which is the diagonal cut along the ground down in the stack are such that only 5, cm head stack cutting edge and out in 25 cm Soil is sunk. Each slip away from each other will be 5 cm. After culturing cuttings, the moist climate of the earth and they started cutting work must always be wet and not regular weeding. In another method, after the elusive autumn and early winter season, ready to slip them in the boxes of sawdust or plastic Pakthayy who is tall and thin and for that purpose have been prepared, in sawdust rings Nshannd are in a greenhouse or hot and humid instead of putting. scion bud until you have done, does not need sunlight to germinate, but once the air is exposed to sunlight in order to grow naturally continue .
Cuttings in moist sawdust to root cuttings Dvand and final will be independent, separate the cuttings in sawdust and easy to root as healthy, then the risk of being cold side, ie about them from the greenhouse May turn out to transfer the land where cultivation. Propagate seedlings in the fall a year earlier and front pockets, will be meeting on the tree.

3 - couch:
Two branches of shade from a tree trunk and the lower part of the mother is grown, can Khvabanyd. This autumn and late winter is done. Branches to soften the soil so you should proceed:
The section of the branch placed below the soil and by the already sharp knife to skin half the branch length of 5 cm and had to be cut. Then close the branches are hollow and it will slowly fill Khvabannd and deepen their soil. Head that branch out from the soil remains a team to adopt the right stand. Of the local skin is taken during spring and summer of ectopic roots go and March next year from its mother tree roots are and where the original transfer.
4 - jujube seed cultivation:
If due to genetic study to determine new types of agricultural production and not intended to consider is to plant fruit core is better than hard shell external to the kernel so that it no harm to the brain and brain fail broken eggs Eggs usually plant it two years later Transplantation of germ beats. Seed for cultivation jujube, jujube seed to silo to have gathered, then Karnd spring. Each core can be reached jujube seedlings produce. This method of planting in mid-March as the nucleus in hand filled with water coming in and putting warm place. After a few days that they ate wet land that is more ready to Karnd, every day on the water blow. The seeds grow in the second half of April. Seedlings two years after the autumn of the Treasury to transfer land to home. But the best way to augment the transport jujube feet rooted pimples because it sure would be male.
Jujube often fail not because the type of link, but if not Mrghvbtry cross sits on earlier. (2, 6 and 9)
Planting distances
Jujube distance from each other depending on what purpose the tree will be planted varies, if the goal is to obtain fruits and seedlings have 4 to 5 meters from each other are puppet, but if you venture to produce wood tree work , about half a meter to 60 cm distance is enough.
Because slow growth jujube jujube intervals can be fast Alrshd fruit trees and short-lived in the first few years of planting to the still not exploit the age of jujube fruit from the tree can be used. Obviously, in such cases should be selected trees of care that farm is no conflict with jujube and cause disorder in the development of jujube not. Because jujube trees is almost the last to bloom and leaves (in June and July) so Srfy areas is protected from the risk of cold-scurry
Jujube usually ages 20-15 years reaches a maximum upload. (2, 6 and 1 and 9)
Fertilizer Requirements:
 In traditional cultures jujube, jujube the fertilizer they do not. But to harvest more fertilizer should be given. Best animal manure as fertilizer is one year in the fall on the ground, then blow between jujube plow turns the soil with fertilizers to be mixed. Around May also saw a little fertilizer is good fertilizer sprayed after joint irrigation takes. (1, 9 and 2)
Fthay jujube:
Important pest flies jujube tree just mentioned, the scientific name carpomya vensuniana Tephrit idea of the family are. Full insects on fruit flies is a small jujube to spawn. After the larvae emerge from eggs to feeding of pomace.
Pupa of this insect in winter in the soil remains why fight the winter ice water and then spraying the Order has been mud. (6 and 9)
Raising jujube wood production:
Some of the jujube to 8 meters tall to get the wood smoke that are beautiful to grow. These trees are usually in valleys, near to Nshannd. Trees near to each other causes rather than foliage and abundant fruit week, just like the tall poplar killed. The tree trunk in such a situation with a smooth, straight and without knots will result in wood quality will be achieved.
Then cut wood, jujube, red and speckled, yellowish and is streaky, as very strong and beautiful, to make decorative objects like sculptures, cane, and prayer beads used in woodcutting and also making furniture and windows and it is used. Unlike inside the tree trunk is not hollow walnut and sycamore. In the past, those Chyq jujube wood made from the decorative aspect was also, now make those jujube wood pipe is benefiting. Because jujube wood without paint coating oil only cover, has the necessary beauty.

Besides, cedar, ceremony, Mnbal David, weighs the warmth, Nagorno Tykban: Persian names

Alnbq family: Arabic name
Jujubier epine de Chris, chicoulier, Epine de Christ: French Name
Lote tree, Christ, s thorn: English
Rhamnaceae: Family (Dark)

Zizyphus spina Christi (L.) Desf: scientific name
Rhamnus spina - christi (8,9) R. hetero genea Burm. : Synonyms

Botanical Profile:
 The tree is about 10 meters long, is prickly, plant stem is white. Ktnavb plant leaves, round, heart shape in the tail-end, oval with the edges of Congress is.
Flowers: High five, batch, Kirk and covering the ovary is attached to the pipe bowl.
Fruit: Shqt, Gvshtdar, like cherry or spherical nuclear hardware, including 3-1 at home is the single seed after reaching the red and yellow can. Sweet and sour flavor, ferment it and some more and some fruit is too sweet and edible.
Grating along the lotus leaves, which is called also called cedar market is supplied.
Published Geographic: lotus in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, North Africa and Iran are publishing. Psndd areas are hot. And in the estate, Kharg Island, Lar, Bandar Abbas, good around the city, well, spring, and Bam Nrmashyr the car go. (10, 6)
Chemical compounds:
1 - Amphibine A: The combination of molecular formula and molecular mass of 734/573 with Discarine A likely will be determined. Alkaloid compounds from the species that form along a needle-shaped crystals melting point 237 to 239 ° C can be identified.
2 - Amphibine E: The combination of molecular mass and molecular formula of alkaloid compounds is 850/670 next species (cedar) is extracted.
3 - Amphibine F: Molecular formula and molecular mass of 628/504, alkaloid compounds from the next species (cedar) as prismatic crystals are extracted.
4 - Mauritine A: Molecular formula and molecular mass of 706/575 a crystal diamond shaped cedar bark have been used.
5 - Mauritine C: a molecular formula and molecular mass of 601/490 alkaloid compounds that are extracted from cedar bark.
6 - Quercitrin: molecular formula and molecular mass of 382/448 as bright yellow crystals with two molecules of water is extracted from lotus leaves.
7 - Spinaninie A: Molecular formula and molecular mass of 541/440 Lkllvyydy combination that has been extracted from lotus stems. (5)
Besides health benefits and applications:
Besides cold and dry fruits. Unripe fruit and its Qarz Nafkh and reached its slow digestion and its easy to eat 200 grams of bile from the stomach and intestines and the host placed the heat down. Eating sour fruit reached its opener by Hungarian cramps and intestinal worms are deadly. For cold is harmful and should be punished with Sknjbyn be eaten. It is astringent dried fruit and flour, which it reached without side Rsayydn core is achieved with a little water mixed with a variety of syrups and eat right. Fried and roasted alongside fruit is very astringent for diarrhea and intestinal ulcers and is suitable for hot tabs. Eating brain sap core tabs and warm blood to bile and the excretion of smallpox, rubella, and measles is lucrative and relieves thirst.

It is astringent and cooked seed poultice for fractures pressing the body to remove children Bmalnd asthenia and speed of their members is beneficial. Along with cedar leaf poultice of leaves is called next and body wash in the bathroom with leaves for cleaning wounds and pus in the body and strengthen hair and prevent hair loss and strengthen the nerves is beneficial. Leaf poultice it with wine for analysis sheets warm poultice of leaves alone and also to soften and warm Vrmhay analysis is useful. Colder and more dry wood beside it, and leaves and prevent ulcers and intestinal bleeding and diarrhea that is caused by weakness of the stomach and enema is useful to stick with boiled for intestinal injuries and gather wood for wounds such as ulcers g Smallpox is a useful amount of feed it to 30 grams. Drinking boiled water and cooked very nutritious roots and is useful.

To do this, about 200 grams of the roots pulled out. Clean and scrape the skin to shed water and bring to boil root extract and water comes out to be completely red. Then it has smooth, eat for a bright complexion and plump, and very nourishing and beneficial from the gum tree to remove scaling and itching head curry cooked with it is used.
Iran was formerly called the branches of a tree next to the skin to dry pulverized along with the flour on the market would. Besides this, such as flour Mazd Noix degalle is used in tanning. (4, 10)

Besides Community:
Another way in which sex is next to go, and it is interesting medical properties to describe it explains:
Besides Farsi: Persian name
Drpssht called in Lorestan Valley: the local name
Wild jujube: English
Rhamnaceae: dark
Z.microphylla Roxb, Z. rotundifolia lam: scientific name
 , Z. Rhamnus nummularia. F
From different botanical name is

Botanical Profile
Persian side is a wild side. Drkhchh is that it stems together and have a thistle and downy and has razor. Oval shaped leaves are round and full. The lower surface of leaves and fruit covered with white Krkhay it is small and round. Published geographical Drkhchh in Punjab in India and other parts it grows in warm areas of western and southern Iran from Lorestan and Khuzestan to Dazryn Ali Abad and Baluchestan, Kerman and Jiroft is published. Jiroft to 1200 m above sea level you go.
Properties and Uses:
The fruit as astringent and drying and discomfort caused by bile is used. Crushed leaves it to eliminate skin irritation, itching, scabies, acne and pimple skin put on. (10)
Plant to plant large wooden barbed and sometimes state is rising. Baknarh elliptical leaves sharp toothed, free flower petals and fleshy fruits, has a circular diameter of 8-6 mm. Drhndvstan divided.
Health benefits:
The weight of mixed flowers with petiole Piper Betle and half the amount of lime to each value of 25 / 0 g and 2 times a day to treat many menstrual blood is used.
A large wooden plants, brambles, and has a sharp Brg·haybyzy. Edible fruit, round and has a diameter of 6 mm. Tropical areas of Asia and Australia are going. Iran is not found.

Health benefits:
Jvshndh skin to heal and treat its root is used fresh wounds (6).
With post new jujube and next spawned research, genetic stocks of these two different species that is threatened Dyayl will be preserved.
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